Central Wake Park is a place for people who love spending their time actively, but also don’t forget to chill out and relax!

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Full size 6.0 cable

Our 6 tower wakeboard cable is the most modern construction of this type. Thanks to the ideal placement of the towers, the rope is well taut and the turns require literally no effort from the rider.


On the track you will find 16 UNIT obstacles with different levels of advancement, located on both sides of the lift. We have also left some space for all riders who love hitting their tricks from the edge.


The large cable is 800 meters long and turns counterclockwise – that is, on the right leg. The gentle angles between the cable towers make riding much easier and do not make the rope tear when entering the turn. This allows full concentration on technique, obstacles or tricks and was also highly appreciated during tests run by the international Spacemob, Nobile or X-wake pro teams.

2.0 Small Cable

The small cable (2.0) is recommended for people who would like to take their first steps without other people riding the cable at the same moment or for those who would like to grind new tricks more intensively. On the small cable you will also find a UNIT slider, a simple obstacle that helps you to get familiar with entering more advanced obstacles later on. The instructor’s support during the first starts and standing up on board is included in the price of the pass.


A small lift is also a great idea for organizing different events such as birthdays, stag or hen parties and corporate events.

Experienced instructor